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Intermittent fasting, worth the hype? Pros/cons part 2

Part 2 of intermittent fasting (IF), pros and cons!

Before I start, I just want to remind you that there is no one right way of eating and living. With IF there are many good things, as well as bad things and just like everything else. Some methods may work for some people, while not working for others and it is your responsibility to yourself to get information from the right source and, if necessary, to work with a skilled healthcare practitioner to suit your body's nutrient and lifestyle needs!

Rant over! Here we go

The Cons 👎

  • IF increases testosterone. Yes, this was a pro but it can also be a con - especially for women! Ladies, we don’t want too much testosterone, that’s gonna cause some havoc on our hormones. That, in turn, can cause fertility problems, menstrual irregularities and more. Don’t start an IF without the assistance of a knowledgable healthcare practitioner or naturopath!

  • IF can be quite a downer on your social life. Eating can be a big part of socialising and a big social aspect of some cultures. A strict IF can restrict your enjoyability of social eating if dinners at 7:30 but you stop eating at 8…

  • If you don’t fast correctly and eat enough food, you may feel low in energy, sluggish hungrier and, even, hangry. This can also happen if you DO fast correctly but IF just isn’t for you.

  • If you don’t have the right structure of your IF, binge-eating may occur because of an intense feeling of hunger or restriction.

  • If you aren’t meeting your nutritional needs, your fasting time may be focused on food… which is kinda the opposite point, right?

  • I have heard people say that they read that exercising in the morning (when your first meal is only at 12pm) is okay if you supplement with BCAA’s and have water. Personally, I am not convinced that exercising on an empty stomach (even with supplementation) is a good idea because of the macro- and micronutrient needs that accompany exercise. Rather switch your eating times, or your exercise times…

  • IF may be gateway for disordered eating or be a disguise for an already existing eating disorder and may be a mask for listening to your body’s innate wisdom when it comes to eating and hunger cues.

See? There are some amazing things about IF, just as there are not so great things and that can be confusing! Just because IF worked for your friend with XYZ problem, doesn't mean it will definitely work for you... All body's are different with individual needs!

If you're unsure if an intermittent fast is for you, chat to your local naturopath or set up an appointment with me to experiment with which way of eating is most suitable for your individual needs!


Keep smiling!

Yours in health,

Dr Shavit

~ Love Health & Wellness ~

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