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The Big about Bone Broth

BONE BROTH - the buzzword that's been around for the past few years.

But is it really that special and amazing and gut transforming?

The answer...

So what is all the fuss about bone broth?

Bone broth is amazing for so many reasons. Not only is it simple to make and delicious, it also is a highly nutrient dense food containing a lot of minerals we don't often get in our daily diets and it's easily digestible. Major win.

Bone broth is made from boiling bones (with added stock, vegetables and spices) on the stove for about 48 hours. This allows the bone to soften and have very valuable nutrients extracted into the water (broth). Some of these nutrients, such as collagen, proline, glycine, glucosamine, gelatin and glutamine, are not easily available in our daily diet but are still very important for overall health! Not only are these nutrients (and many others found in bone broth) healing, they are found in a very absorbable, bioavailable form which eliminates the need for expensive supplements, especially in those suffering from joint health.

Bone broth gives our body so many healing nutrients, that are otherwise not eaten. No matter how healthy one really eats, bone broth can only do good as it boosts your state of health and immunity, improves your gut function, protects your joints, aids your livers natural detoxification and appeals to your taste buds - delicious AND nutritious.

Bone broth, like chicken soup, was probably eaten in abundance by our grandparents, great grandparents and so on, because it used bones, ligaments, tendons, feet and all other parts of an animal that weren't eaten, was easy to make, fed loads of people and kept them healthy during winter times. Eating chicken soup when you're sick isn't just an old wives' tale - it actually works.

And with winter s l o w l y approaching here in Cape Town, it'll make for a great meal or snack to keep the winter blues and flu's at bay!

Why do I suggest bone broth to my patients with gut issues?

As I said above, bone broth is high in "normal" AND gut repairing nutrients, it aids the livers natural detox process, it is easy to digest and is bioavailable to the body.

Usually patients with gut issues have a hard time digesting foods, aren't absorbing nutrients from foods, have some form of a leaky gut and are in need of some major liver love! Bone broth gives majority of the nutrients needed to fuel the gut to health!

Okay, so that's all good and fine, but how do I get bone broth?!

Excellent question! I know that's what you're all thinking and there are a couple of options:

Make it yourself! Wellness Mama and Dr Josh Axe have easy recipes. But, honestly, a quick google of "easy bone broth recipes" will get you what you need. It is a fairly simple process so any recipe will do the trick (and they're all pretty much the same!)
Visit Wild Sprout on Loop street - they sell frozen, homemade bone broth!
Get a Bone broth sachet from or
Ancient Nutrition bone broth powder from Wellness Warehouse or Faithful to Nature - this is the one I got, but I'd suggest getting the flavored ones if you're going to enjoy it as a meal replacement. Their flavoring additives are natural and healthy!
Pop down to the broth bar, Marrow on Loop Street to enjoy a nice meal!

**Side note: aside from number 1, these options are specific to South Africa. If anyone outside South Africa is looking to get, pop me a message and I'll see how I can help!**

Let me know about your bone broth journey!

Keep smiling!

Yours in health,

Dr Shavit

~ Love Health & Wellness ~

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